FT_SAVRGN() Save a screen region for later display
FT_SCANCODE() Wait for keypress and return keyboard scan code
FT_SETCENTURY() Check/Set the CENTURY Setting
FT_SETDATE() Set the DOS system date
FT_SETMODE() Set the video mode
FT_SETTIME() Set the DOS system time
FT_SETVCUR() Set the cursor position on a specified video page
FT_SETVPG() Set the current video page
FT_SLEEP Wait for a specified amount of time
FT_SQZN() Compress a numeric value into a character string
FT_SYS2MIL() Convert system time to military time format.
FT_SYSMEM() Determine the amount of conventional memory installed
FT_TEMPFIL() Create a file with a unique name
FT_UNSQZN() Uncompress a numeric compressed by FT_SQZN()
FT_WEEK() Return calendar or fiscal week data
FT_WORKDAYS() Return number of work days between two dates
FT_WOY() Find number of week within year
FT_XBOX() Display a self-sizing message box and message
FT_XTOY() Convert from any data type to any other data type
FT_YEAR() Return calendar or fiscal year data
FWRITE() Write to an open binary file
GETACTIVE() Return the currently active Get object
GETAPPLYKEY() Apply a key to a Get object from within a reader
GETCLIPUIVERSION() Get CLIP-UI library version.
GETDOSETKEY() Process SET KEY during GET editing
GETDRIVER() Get current UIDriver object.
GETENV() Retrieve the contents of a OS environment variable
GETMAINWINDOW() Get current application main window UIMainWindow object.
GETPOSTVALIDATE() Postvalidate the current Get object
GETPREVALIDATE() Prevalidate a Get object
GETREADER() Execute standard READ behavior for a Get object
GETSYSIMAGE() Get content of predefined icons (XPM format).
GLOB() Check confirmity string to regular expression.
GUNZIP() Uncompress string with GZIP alghoritm.
GZIP() Compress string with GZIP alghoritm.
GZIPCLOSE() Close GZIP file.
GZIPOPEN() Open GZIP file.
GZIPREAD() Read data from GZIP file.
GZIPWRITE() Write data to GZIP file.
HARDCR() Replace all soft carriage returns in a character string with hard carriage
HASHNAME() Returns string from hash values.
HASHSTR() Returns hash code for string.
HEADER() Return the current database file header length
I2BIN() Convert a xClipper numeric to a 16-bit binary integer
IF() Return the result of an expression based on a condition
IIF() Return the result of an expression based on a condition
INDEXEXT() Return the default index extension based on the database driver currently
INDEXKEY() Return the key expression of a specified index
INDEXORD() Return the order position of the controlling index
INKEY() Extract a character from the keyboard buffer or a mouse event