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This mail-list is intended for:
- developers and testers of CLIP compilator and libraries;
- discussing problems arising in the course of developing complex informational systems;

Those who like chatting, to realize their abilities for oratory, may choose any any open to general use.

The mail-list is based on the "many-to-many" principle, with the only restriction: letter size must not be over 20K.

Languages of communication are Russian and English.

So that your letter may reach all subscribers, it should be sent to the following address: clip_devel at itk dot ru.

Mail-list subscription
To subscribe via e-mail, you should send to majordomo at web.izhcom dot ru a simple letter containing the following:
subscribe clip_devel
subscribe clip_devel your@email (if sent from another e-mail address)
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Mail-list unsubscription
To unsubscribe, you should sent to the same e-mail address a letter containing unsubscribe clip_devel from your e-mail address.
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