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The authors of the CLIP and other participants in the project

Rushad Nabiullin SQL, DBF, NTX, etc.
Uri Khnykin functions; tbrowse,get,html classes, etc.
Elena Kornilova HTML browse, text editor, etc.
Paul Lasarev compiler, preprocessor, virtual machine, run-time executor and others
Alexey Tkachenko GTK+ based GUI library
Sergey Rosenfeldfile operations
Andrey Koulikovfinancial support (boss)

Here could be a long list of all the testers, participants and assistants, but, for their patience and taking active part in the project, we would like to express our special appreciation to:

Alexandr Kresin web-siteparticipation in everything
Yevgen Bondar web-site active tester & author BDBF
BDBF web-site BDBF of Yevgen Bondar
Stas I. Litovkaactive tester
Przemyslaw Czerpakactive tester
Eduardo Stefanitester
Mauricio Abreactive tester and developer
Heraldo B. B. Filhoactive tester and developer NetBSD/FreeBSD
Andrew Cherepanovtester and main developer clip-ui
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