RUN_BLANK() Under construction
SAVESCREEN() Save a screen region for later display
SCROLL() Scroll a screen region up or down, right or left
SEARCH() Search a substring into string by regular expression.
SECONDS() Return the number of seconds elapsed since midnight
SELECT() Determine the work area number of a specified alias
SET() Inspect or change a system setting
SETBLINK() Toggle asterisk (*) interpretation in the SETCOLOR() string between blinking
SETCANCEL() Toggle Alt+C or Ctrl+C and Ctrl+Break as program termination keys
SETCOLOR() Return the current colors and optionally set new colors
SETCURSOR() Set the cursor shape
SETKEY() Assign an action block to a key
SETMODE() Change display mode to a specified number of rows and columns
SETPOS() Move the cursor to a new position
SETPRC() Set PROW() and PCOL() values
SLEEP() Sleep for the specified number of seconds and milliseconds.
SOUNDEX() Convert a character string to "soundex" form
SPACE() Return a string of spaces
SPLITGEOM() Extract array from string.
SQRT() Return the square root of a positive number
START() Start task.
STARTPATH() Returns full path and name of program.
STR() Convert a numeric expression to a character string
STR2VAR() Convert uucode string to data.
STRTRAN() Search and replace characters within a character string or memo field
STUFF() Delete and insert characters in a string
SUBSTR() Extract a substring from a character string
SYSCMD() Run system command.
TASKGETMSG() Get message.
TASKID() Return task identifier.
TASKPEEKMSG() Get message.
TASKSENDMSG() Send message to task.
TASKSTART() Resume all tasks what was stopped.
TASKSTOP() Stop all tasks with the exclusion current task.
TCPACCEPT() Accept a connection on a socket.
TCPCLOSE() Close connection.
TCPCONNECT() Connect with server.
TCPLISTEN() Listen port.
TCPREAD() Read to buffer data from connection.
TCPWRITE() Commit data from buffer to connection.
TIME() Return the system time
TONE() Sound a speaker tone for a specified frequency and duration
TRANSFORM() Convert any value into a formatted character string
TRIM() Remove trailing spaces from a character string
TYPE() Determine the type of an expression
ULIMIT() Set limit to use system resources.
UPDATED() Determine whether a GET changed during a READ
UPPER() Convert lowercase characters to uppercase
USED() Determine whether a database file is in USE
USEDRIVER() Use specified driver.