MPOSTOLC() Return line and column position of a formatted string based on a specified
MPRESENT() Determine if a mouse is present
MRESTSTATE() Re-establish the previous state of a mouse
MRIGHTDOWN() Determine the status of the right mouse button
MROW() Determine a mouse cursor's screen row position
MSAVESTATE() Save the current state of a mouse
MSETBOUNDS() Set screen boundaries for the mouse cursor
MSETCLIP() Define an inclusion region
MSETCURSOR() Determine a mouse's visibility
MSETPOS() Set a new position for the mouse cursor
MSHOW() Display the mouse pointer
MSTATE() Return the current mouse state
NETERR() Determine if a network command has failed
NETNAME() Return the current workstation identification
NEXTKEY() Read the pending key in the keyboard buffer
NOSNOW() Toggle snow suppression
ORDBAGEXT() Return the default order bag RDD extension
ORDBAGNAME() Return the order bag name of a specific order
ORDLISTADD() Add orders to the order list
OS() Return the operating system name
OUTERR() Write a list of values to the standard error device
OUTSTD() Write a list of values to the standard output device
PAD() Pad character, date, and numeric values with a fill character
PARAM() Returns paarameter value.
PCOL() Return the current column position of the printhead
PCOUNT() Determine the position of the last actual parameter passed
PROCLINE() Return the source line number of the current or previous activation
PROCNAME() Return the name of the current or previous procedure or user-defined function
PROW() Return the current row position of the printhead
QOUT() Display a list of expressions to the console
RAT() Return the position of the last occurrence of a substring
READEXIT() Toggle Up arrow and Down arrow as READ exit keys
READFORMAT() Return and optionally, set the code block that implements a format (.fmt)
READINSERT() Toggle the current insert mode for READ and MEMOEDIT()
READKEY() Determine what key terminated a READ
READKILL() Return, and optionally set, whether the current READ should be exited
READMODAL() Activate a full-screen editing mode for a GetList
READUPDATED() Determine whether any GET variables changed during a READ and optionally
READVAR() Return the current GET/MENU variable name
RECCOUNT() Determine the number of records in the current database (.dbf) file
RECNO() Return the identity at the position of the record pointer
RECSIZE() Determine the record length of a database (.dbf) file
REPLICATE() Return a string repeated a specified number of times
RESTSCREEN() Display a saved screen region to a specified location
RIGHT() Return a substring beginning with the rightmost character
RLOCK() Lock the current record in the active work area
ROUND() Return a numeric value rounded to a specified number of digits
ROW() Return the screen row position of the cursor
RSTR() Under construction
RTRIM() Remove trailing spaces from a character string