FT_MGETPOS() Get mouse cursor position and button status
FT_MGETSENS() Get the mouse sensitivity parameters
FT_MGETX() Get mouse cursor row position
FT_MGETY() Get mouse cursor column position
FT_MHIDECRS() Decrement internal mouse cursor flag and hide mouse cursor
FT_MIL2CIV() Convert time in military format to civilian format.
FT_MIL2MIN() Convert time in military format to number of minute of day.
FT_MIN2DHM() Convert numeric minutes to days, hours and minutes.
FT_MIN2MIL() Convert minute of day to military format time.
FT_MINIT() Initialize the mouse driver, vars and return status of mouse
FT_MINREGION() Test if the mouse cursor is in the passed region
FT_MMICKEYS() Get mickeys
FT_MONTH() Return Calendar or Fiscal Month Data
FT_MRESET() Reset mouse driver and return status of mouse
FT_MSETCOORD() Position the mouse cursor using text screen coordinates
FT_MSETPAGE() Set the display page for the mouse pointer
FT_MSETPOS() Position the mouse cursor using virtual screen coordinates
FT_MSETSENS() Set the mouse sensitivity parameters
FT_MSHOWCRS() Increment internal cursor flag and display mouse cursor
FT_MVERSION() Get the mouse driver version
FT_MXLIMIT() Set vertical bounds of mouse using virtual screen coord.
FT_MYLIMIT() Set horiz. bounds of mouse using virtual screen coordinates
FT_NETPV() Calculate net present value
FT_NOOCCUR() Find the number of times one string occurs in another
FT_NTOW() Translate numeric value to words
FT_NWLSTAT() Return the current Novell NetWare logical station number
FT_NWSEMCLOSE() Close a NetWare semaphore
FT_NWSEMEX() Examine a NetWare semaphore's value and open count
FT_NWSEMLOCK() Perform a semaphore "lock"
FT_NWSEMOPEN() Open or create a NetWare semaphore
FT_NWSEMSIG() Signal a NetWare semaphore (increment)
FT_NWSEMUNLOCK() "Unlock" a semaphore locked by FT_NWSEMLOCK()
FT_NWSEMWAIT() Wait on a NetWare semaphore (decrement)
FT_NWUID() Return the current Novell NetWare User ID
FT_PCHR() Convert printer control codes
FT_PEGS() FT_PEGS GAME (all work and no play...)
FT_PENDING() Display same-line pending messages after a wait.
FT_PICKDAY() Picklist of days of week
FT_POPVID() Restore previously saved video states.
FT_PROMPT() Define a menu item for use with FT_MenuTo()
FT_PUSHVID() Save current video states on internal stack.
FT_QTR() Return Calendar or Fiscal Quarter Data.
FT_RAND1() Generate a random number
FT_RESTARR() Restore a Clipper array from a disc file
FT_RESTSETS() Restore status of all SET command settings
FT_RGNSTACK() Push or pop a saved screen region on or off the stack
FT_ROUND() Rounds a number to a specific place
FT_RSTRGN() Restore region of the screen saved with FT_SAVRGN()
FT_SAVEARR() Save Clipper array to a disc file.
FT_SAVESETS() Save the status of all the SET command settings