FT_EASTER() Return the date of Easter
FT_ELAPMIN() Return difference, in minutes, between two mil format times.
FT_ELAPSED() Return elapsed time between two days and/or times
FT_ELTIME() Compute difference between times in hours, minutes, seconds.
FT_ESCCODE() Convert Lotus style escape codes
FT_FAPPEND() Appends a line to the currently selected text file
FT_FBOF() Determine if attempt to skip past beginning of text file
FT_FDAY() Return first day of the month
FT_FDELETE() Deletes a line from the currently selected text file
FT_FEOF() Determine if end of text file has been encountered
FT_FERROR() Return the error code for a text file operation
FT_FGOBOT() Go to the last record in a text file
FT_FGOTO() Move record pointer to specific record in a text file
FT_FGOTOP() Go to the first record in a text file
FT_FILL() Declare menu options for FT_MENU1()
FT_FINDITH() Find the "ith" occurrence of a substring within a string
FT_FINSERT() Inserts a line in the currently selected text file
FT_FLASTRE() Get the no. of records in the currently selected text file
FT_FLOPTST() Test diskette drive status
FT_FREADLN() Read a line from the currently selected text file
FT_FRECNO() Return the current record number of a text file
FT_FSELECT() Select a text file workarea
FT_FSKIP() Move the record pointer to a new position in a text file
FT_FUSE() Open or close a text file for use by the FT_F* functions
FT_FWRITELN() Write a line to the currently selected text file
FT_GCD() Calculate greatest common divisor of two numbers
FT_GETMODE() Get the video mode
FT_GETVCUR() Return info about the cursor on a specified video page
FT_GETVPG() Get the currently selected video page
FT_HEX2DEC() Convert a hex number to decimal
FT_INT86() Under construction
FT_INVCLR() Get the inverse of a color
FT_ISBIT() Test the status of an individual bit
FT_ISBITON() Determine the state of individual bits in a number
FT_ISSHARE() Determine if DOS "Share" is installed
FT_LDAY() Return last day of the month
FT_LINKED() Determine if a function was linked in
FT_MADD() Add or subtract months to/from a date
FT_MBUTPRS() Retrieve button press status
FT_MBUTREL() Get mouse button release information
FT_MCONOFF() Turn mouse cursur off if in specified region
FT_MCURSOR() Set the mouse cursor
FT_MDBLCLK() Return true if a double click was detected
FT_MDEFCRS() Define the mouse cursor
FT_MENU1() Pulldown menu system
FT_MENU2() Vertical lightbar menu
FT_MENUTO() Execute light bar menu using prompts created with @...PROMPT
FT_METAPH() Convert a character string to MetaPhone format
FT_MGETCOORD() Get mouse cursor position (text coord.) and button status
FT_MGETPAGE() Get the display page for the mouse pointer