FRENAME() Изменяет имя файла.
FSEEK() Устанавливает указатель двоичного файла на новую позицию.
FSTRTON() Преобразует строку c "float"-представлнием в xClipper-число.
FT_AADDITION() Add elements unique of source array to target array
FT_AAVG() Average numeric values in an array
FT_ACCTADJ() Adjust beginning or ending fiscal pd. dates to acctg. dates
FT_ACCTMONTH() Return accounting month data
FT_ACCTQTR() Return accounting quarter data
FT_ACCTWEEK() Return accounting week data
FT_ACCTYEAR() Return accounting year data
FT_ACH2TB() Replace ACHOICE() with a Tbrowse object & multiple features.
FT_ADAPTER() Under construction
FT_ADDER() Pop up a simple calculator
FT_ADDWKDY() Return true number of days to add given number of workdays
FT_ADESSORT() Sort an array in descending order
FT_AEMAXLEN() Find longest element within an array
FT_AEMINLEN() Find shortest element within an array
FT_AMEDIAN() Find middle value in array, or average of two middle values
FT_ANOMATCHES() Find the number of array elements meeting a condition
FT_AREDIT() 2 dimensional array editing function using TBrowse
FT_ASUM() Sum the elements of an array
FT_AT2() Find position of the nth occurrence of a substring
FT_BITCLR() Clear (reset) selected bit in a byte
FT_BITSET() Set selected bit in a byte
FT_BLINK() Display a blinking message on the screen
FT_BRWSWHL() Browse an indexed database limited to a while condition
FT_BYT2BIT() Convert byte to string of 1's and 0's
FT_BYT2HEX() Convert byte to hexadecimal version of its binary value
FT_BYTEAND() Perform bit-wise AND on two ASCII characters (bytes)
FT_BYTENEG() Perform bit-wise negation on an ASCII character
FT_BYTENOT() Perform bit-wise NOT on an ASCII character (byte)
FT_BYTEOR() Perform bit-wise OR on two ASCII characters (bytes)
FT_BYTEXOR() Perform bit-wise XOR on two ASCII characters (bytes)
FT_CALENDAR() Display date/time calendar, find a date, return calendar data.
FT_CIV2MIL() Convert usual civilian format time to military time.
FT_CLRSEL() User Selectable Colour Routine
FT_D2E() Convert decimal to scientific notation
FT_DATECNFG() Set beginning of year/week for FT_ date functions
FT_DAYOFYR() Return calendar, fiscal or accounting day data
FT_DAYTOBOW() Calculate no. of days between date and beginning of week
FT_DEC2BIN() Convert decimal to binary
FT_DFCLOSE() Close file displayed by FT_DISPFILE()
FT_DFSETUP() Set up parameters for FT_DISPFILE()
FT_DISPFILE() Under construction
FT_DISPMSG() Display a message and optionally waits for a keypress
FT_DOSVER Return the current DOS major and minor version as a string
FT_DOY() Find number of day within year
FT_DSKFREE() Return the amount of available disk space
FT_DSKSIZE() Return the maximum capacity of a fixed disk
FT_E2D() Convert scientific notation string to a decimal