Chapter 5. Clip installation

5.1. Before install

Clip is distributing in a source and binaries variants from the main ftp server and mirrors.

Binaries variant (except Cygwin) depends on a distributive and not available from ftp servers.

Source distributions present in two variants: splitted by packages and all-in-one variant.

You can download all that you need from the main ftp server or from mirrors:

There you can find many files:

clip-prg-<version>.tgzSRC: all source packages and documentation
clip_dev.tgzSRC: base package, == CA-Clipper 5.3
clip_docs.tgzHTML: base documentation, all packages including private documentation of private functions.
clip_mysql.tgzSRC: MySQL client
clip_oracle.tgzSRC: Oracle client
clip_odbc.tgzSRC: ODBC client
clip_postgres.tgzSRC: Postgres client
clip_interbase.tgzSRC: Interbase & FireBird client
clip_gtk.tgzSRC: GUI library over GTK
clip_gtkextra.tgzSRC: GUI library over GTKextra
clip_fw.tgzSRC: FiveWin-like classes & commands
clip_gd.tgzSRC: library for PNG (and more) files and business histograms
clip_gzip.tgzSRC: library for supprt gz files
clip_bzip2.tgzSRC: library for supprt bz2 files
clip_com.tgzSRC: COM_*() functions from Tools
clip_crypto.tgzSRC: Simmetric block ciphers encrypt/decrypt functions
clip_rtf.tgzSRC: Rich text format library by Thomas Marchione
clip_cti.tgzSRC: Clip text interface library, base for text FiveWin and FoxPro-like windows
clip_udb.tgzSRC: Clip universal (object) data base, the object orientired data base
clip_oasis.tgzSRC: libraries from
clip_prg.tgzSRC: base utils - debugger, text editor, ... include preprocessor (PP) by Ron Pinkas, bdbf by Yevgen Bondar, ....
clip_dbu.tgzSRC: CA_DBU & CA_DBU53 adapted for Clip
clip_fcgi.tgzSRC: FastCGI Clip library
dbc.tgzSRC: DBU (C) Aleksandr Kresin
cygwin_trunc.rarBIN: Cygwin developer tools for migration from unix to win32 platforms (trunc - it`s truncated by ITK distribution)
clip_win32_bin.rarBIN: Clip and base libraries for Win32+Cygwin
gtk_std_win32.rarBIN: GTK+ standart libraries for Windows, installing after Cygwin and before Clip
gtkextra_std_win32.rarBIN: extension for GTK+ libraries for Windows, installing after Cygwin and GTK+, and before Clip
clip_gtk_win32.rarBIN: Clip library over GTK+, generated from clip_gtk package
clip_gtkextra_win32.rarBIN: Clip library over GTK+ extra, generated from clip_gtkextra package
cygwin_patch.rarBIN: fixing some problems with Cygwin
patch.tgzSRC: latest fixes and addons for Clip base packages (dev & doc)

The easiest way to install the whole Clip is getting all-in-one package clip-prg-<version>.tgz unpack it and compile.

To download and unpack:

You have two choices for the next step: you may install in local or system variant. What is that means?

Clip local variant may be best for you (especially due to frequently patches and new versions) if you make a test or working on your system as a single person.