5.2. Local installation.

Firstly you must set up CLIPROOT environment variable. Also you must add $CLIPROOT/bin to your path. You can do this (if your command interpreter is bash) by adding following lines at the end of your local bash_profile:

export CLIP_LANG=en_EN.CP437 #or ru_RU.KOI8-R
export CLIPROOT=$HOME/cliproot

and relogin to make this settings actual.

You may not want to set CLIPROOT environment variable. In this case CLIPROOT will be in the same level as your clip-prg-<version> directory ("make local" will make ../cliproot directory). Binaries from the clip_dev package will be soft-linked in your $HOME/bin.

Some notes:

Now you can go in your clip-prg-<version> and

#make local

If your PATH is setted, you can start working with Clip immediately.