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YUI 3.x

Full-screen multiwindow text editor, Web-client, programm developer's environment

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Editor screenshot
General editor options

General information:
  • multitask kernel;
  • fullscreen color interface for text terminals;
  • window types: editor, Web-interface, terminal, debugger (interface to gdb).
  • two-language menu (Russian and English);
  • customized functions of keys;
  • user's menu for running any system applications, including compilers, with further processing results in a separate window;
  • system command call;
  • context help in HTML format, man pages, GNU info in windows;
  • interwindow clipboard for carrying texts to editor window;
  • arithmetic calculator, 2:8:10:16 - notations, bit operations, import from clipboard, export into cliboard;
  • creation of bak-files, automatic saving by time periods, saving state and parameters of windows; restoring them during further run;
  • it exists for many unix-platofrms, (refer to the section from which programs can be taken), it's able to operate in color mode on graphical terminal emulators (xterm-color, rxvt).
Text editor window:
  • "read-only" and "link" modes;
  • operations with line and column blocks, interwindow copying;
  • search, search with replace (processing of regular expressions), including search over all windows of "editor" type;
  • text formatting (by paragraph, by the whole text, in block, with word hyphenization, ...);
  • UNDO-REDO service, variable number of steps with optimization;
  • move to a line by its number;
  • cursor move by bracket pairs (<{[]}>) inside multilevel expressions
  • blank and tabulation symbols "visibility" mode;
  • highlighting of C/C++, HTML language lexemes;
  • "man page" for viewing formatted man pages; possibility of character input by decimal code.
Debugger window:
  • interface to debugger (gdb) from GNU project, control of program execution by source texts in windows, point of stop.
WEB-client window:
  • supported http, ftp, telnet, file protocols;
  • HTML-3 syntax;
  • cashing into chosen directory, cash texts in HTML format;
  • viewing help texts, depending on context;
  • viewing man system pages, GNU info via internal translator in HTML format;
  • frame, table tags are supported.
Terminal window:
  • full-capability text terminal, pc3 type;
  • viewing recieved information, variable number of history lines
  • possibility of copying line and column blocks into clipboard;
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