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Why Clipper?

Millions lines of code created with CA-Clipper are waiting for their deaths in millions of computers. CA Inc., once having created the best means of development, left its developers without support. In the absence of progress in CA-Clipper, a great number of users now have to turn to other platforms.

Remaining CA-Clipper adherents, the group of programmers has decided to breathe new life into these tools.

We have decided:

  • To create a multiplatform compiler compatible as much as possible with the CA-Clipper, and specially for the Linux-UNIX.
  • To add the possibilities it had no before and the availability of which has long been urgent, particularly X-Window System, Embedded & Internal SQL, MultiThreads, and some other things which, for the present, we wish not to speak about.
  • To try to provide for the maximum compatibility with a dialect and the CA-Clipper possibilities, though this is not the main aim, and during the appearance of conflicts between compatibility and functionality the latter is chosen. Currently, there are some incompatibilities, though they are not principal and do not require a global revision of the Clipper code. All the incompatibilities can be eliminated, using "search and replace" method in a text editor, and these sources are easily compiled with CA-Clipper.
  • To provide for a smooth move from DOS medium to Unix and the support of the peculiarities of national codings in different operational systems.
  • We had to allow incompatibility in OO-model because of its low efficiency in CA-Clipper.

P.S. Since we know the Clipper 5.0x dialect best of all, we take this into account in the first place. But it means no impossibility to achieve compatibility with later versions. In particular, compatibility with RDD has been provided. Please send us any revealed incompatibilities in the form of short test PRG files, and we will try to solve these problems.

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