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We would be very appreciate for any qualitative error descriptions and bug reports. Of course, all bugs are fixed free of charge.
Free support is available with some limits - we can answer pair of question. Please, formulate your questions shortly and clearly. This is the best way to get fast and full answer to your question.
More complicated and qualitative unlimited support is available for a reasonable fee.
    Support levels:
  • Error fixing (ERR) Free-of-charge error fixing. It is accesible to everybody, but time of fixing is not guaranteed. Restriction by the number and the contents of the e'mail messages, we answer only the brief and exact description of a problem.
    FREE of charge! $0 !
  • Fast fixing (FAST) Fast fixing troubles and bugs. Unlimited email from one adress only about CLIP troubles. Operating time is 06:00-12:00 GMT, (6x5 mode), maximum time for the first answer 48 hours.
    Price $40 per month.
  • Minimal (MIN) Unlimited email-dialogue with CLIP developers from any address of the corporate domain about all your problems in CLIP and its environment. Operating time is 05:00-16:00 GMT (11x6 mode), maximum time for the first answer 24 hours.
    Price $400 per quarter.
  • Standart (STD) Email and login by team to your servers for diagnostics and fixing troubles with CLIP or your OS settings. Operating time is 04:00-20:00 GMT (16x7 mode), maximum time for the first answer 6 hours.
    Price $3000 per year.
  • Extended (EXT) Email, login, and telephone consultation (20x7 mode)
    Price $#### per year.
  • Professional (PRO) Email, login, and the phone for emergencies (24x7 mode)
    Price $##### per year.
  • SUPER The personal adviser with the mobile phone.
    Price is $##### per year.

Attention! The team of support for levels EXT, PRO, SUPER at present is inaccessible. If you were interested with these levels, please mail to: uri at itk dot ru
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