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Commercial license

CLIP is distributed under GPL (for free).
If you don`t like GPL, you may wish to avoid GPL restrictions by getting a commercial license. Proprietors of the commercial license are allowed to:
  • hide the sources of their CLIP-applications
  • distribute their CLIP-products under any license
  • enjoy the possession of licensed product
Besides, financial support is helpful for further development of CLIP.
License packages CLIP are:
  • standart (STD) - includes all standard Clipper functions, imlemented Tools functions, all available RDD, SIX extensions and a minimum of utilities: clip_cld, clip_we, clip_prg, clip_run, hyper.
  • extended (EXT) - additional gzip, bzip, crypto libraries, all SQL-drivers and bdbf, dbc utilities.
  • professional (PRO) - additional GTK, CTI, FW, CODB libraries and others, and also utilities accompanying them. In the present moment these libraries are in active development and, probably, will be really accessible only in version 2.0. Up to a release of version 2.0 you can use these libraries at own risk under any license.

Personal license

One license entitles to use CLIP to one programmer with a concrete name on the one platform without limitation on number of installation. I.e. the concrete person can use CLIP on any number of computers (at house, at office, at notebook etc.) but only under one platform, for example only under Linux or only under freeBsd. If it is required to generate commercial programs under different platforms it is necessary to purchase the necessary number of licenses.
Number of licenses The Price (EURO) for license
1-3 100170250
4-10 95 160 235
11-30 90 150 225
31-100 85 140 210

Corporative license

One license entitles to use CLIP to one programmer on any platform and on any computer of corporation in any complete set (STD, EXT, PRO) without limitations. I.e. if there are 10 nonGPL CLIP developers working in corporation it is required 10 depersonalized licenses. The corporate license does not entitle to use CLIP outside of corporation.
Number of licenses The Price (EURO) for license Recommend support
1-10 250 MIN
11-20 240 STD
21-50 230 EXT
51-200 220 PRO

After payment and registrations you will receive the special file signed by our registration system and your copy of CLIP at a query
"clip -V" (version)
will display
"registerd by <your registration name>"
And also all applications built by registered CLIP at a question
"clip_app --license"

also will display by whose CLIP this application is built.

Attention! The complete DOS-like keyboard in CLIP applications is accessible only on console Linux and by means of our emulator of the terminal stelnet for Win32 platforms.
stelnet costs 10 EURO for one computer irrespective of number of users.
You can use stelnet without registration, but at start stelnet will wait (simply to wait and nothing to do) 3-10 seconds. Nonregistered stelnet has no any other functional limitations.
For purchasing please address: uri at itk dot ru
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