FACCESS() Check access to file.
FCGI_ACCEPT() Accept FCGI connecton from server peer.
FCGI_FLUSH() Flush all buffered data to FCGI server peer.
FCGI_GETENV() Return value of environment variable, or map all variables as name/value pairs.
FCGI_READ() Read output of WWW server, passed via FCGI protocol.
FCLOSE() Close an open binary file and write DOS buffers to disk
FCOUNT() Return the number of fields in the current .dbf file
FCREATE() Create and/or truncate a binary file to zero-length
FERASE() Delete a file from disk
FERROR() Test for errors after a binary file operation
FERRORSTR() Under construction
FIELDBLOCK() Return a set-get code block for a given field
FIELDGET() Retrieve the value of a field using the ordinal position of the field in the
FIELDNAME() Return a field name from the current database (.dbf) file
FIELDPOS() Return the position of a field in a work area
FIELDPUT() Set the value of a field variable using the ordinal position of the field in
FIELDWBLOCK() Return a set-get code block for a field in a given work area
FILE() Determine if files exist in the xClipper default directory or path
FILEATTR() Under construction
FILEATTRS() Returns string - file attributes.
FILEGETSTR() Returns string.
FKLABEL() Return function key name
FKMAX() Return number of function keys as a constant
__FLEDIT() Select the appointed elements from the array of a DbStruct() type.
FLOCK() Lock an open and shared database file
FN_BIN2HEX() Convert a binary string to hexidecimal
FN_BIN2I() Convert a binary string to numeric
FN_CLRBIT() Clear a bit in a number
FN_ERROR() Return current error status for a Netware Library function
FN_GETFSI() Under construction
FN_HEX2BIN() Convert a hexidecimal string to to binary
FN_I2BIN() Convert an integer to binary string
FN_IPXINIT() This function gets the entry address for the IPX interface.
FN_IS3X() Is the current server a 3.x server?
FN_ISBIT() Determine if a specified bit is set
FN_ISNET() Determine if user is on functioning NetWare node
FN_NAMEL() General purpose string to length+string packet function
FN_NETVER() Under construction
FN_NONULL() Strip a string of trailing nulls
FN_PEEKSTR() Read a string of bytes from memory
FN_PFEVAL() Set preferred server and eval block
FN_POKESTR() Write a string of bytes to memory
FN_SETBIT() Set a bit in a number
_FNSETERR() Set the current Netware Library error status
FN_SSFROMP() Remove the file server name from a path string
FN_TOGBIT() Toggle a bit in a number
FOPEN() Open a binary file
FOUND() Determine if the previous search operation succeeded
FREAD() Read characters from a binary file into a buffer variable
FREADSTR() Read characters from a binary file