DBGOTOP() Move to the first logical record
DBRECALL() Reinstate a record marked for deletion
DBREINDEX() Recreate all active indexes for the current work area
DBRELATION() Return the linking expression of a specified relation
DBRSELECT() Return the target work area number of a relation
DBSEEK() Move to the record having the specified key value
DBSELECTAREA() Change the current work area
DBSETDRIVER() Return the default database driver and optionally set a new driver
DBSETFILTER() Set a filter condition
DBSETINDEX() Empty orders from an order bag into the order list
DBSETORDER() Set the controlling order
DBSETRELATION() Relate two work areas
DBSKIP() Move relative to the current record
DBSTRUCT() Create an array containing the structure of a database file
DBUNLOCK() Release all locks for the current work area
DBUNLOCKALL() Release all locks for all work areas
DBUSEAREA() Use a database file in a work area
DEFPATH() Returns the true path defined in SET DEFAULT command.
DELETED() Return the deleted status of the current record
DESCEND() Create a descending index key value
DEVOUT() Write a value to the current device
DEVOUTPICT() Write a value to the current device using a picture clause
DEVPOS() Move the cursor or printhead to a new position depending on the current
DIRCHANGE() Change the current DOS directory
DIRECTORY() Create an array of directory and file information
DIRMAKE() Create a directory
DIRREMOVE() Remove a directory
DISKCHANGE() Change the current DOS disk drive
DISKNAME() Return the current DOS drive
DISKSPACE() Return the space available on a specified disk
DISPBEGIN() Begin buffering screen output
DISPBOX() Display a box on the screen
DISPCOUNT() Return the number of pending DISPEND() requests
DISPEND() Display buffered screen updates
DISPOUT() Write a value to the display
DOSERROR() Return the last DOS error number
DOSPATH() Returns file name as DOS file name.
DOW() Convert a date value to a numeric day of the week
DSTRTON() Convert string as "double" to xClipper-numeric.
DTOC() Convert a date value to a character string
DTOS() Convert a date value to a character string formatted as yyyymmdd
EMPTY() Determine if the result of an expression is empty
EOF() Determine when end of file is encountered
ERRORBLOCK() Post a code block to execute when a runtime error occurs
ERRORLEVEL() Set the xClipper return code
EVAL() Evaluate a code block
EVP_ALG_LIST() Returns list of algoritms, registered in used version of OpenSSL library.
EVP_DECRYPT() Decrypt string encrypted by ENV_ENCRYPT().
EVP_ENCRYPT() Encrypt string using one of symmetric block algoritm and given key string.
EXP() Calculate e**x