CODB_EXECUTE Execute query.
CODB_GET_ANSWER Check if answer of query is error.
CODB_GET_COLUMN Get result column name by its index.
CODB_GET_ERROR Get error description.
CODB_GET_METAOBJECT Get metaobject content by ID.
CODB_GET_OBJECT Get object content by ID.
CODB_GET_RESULT Get query result as array.
CODB_NUM_COLUMNS Get number of columns in query result.
CODB_NUM_ROWS Get number of rows in query result.
CODB_PUT_METAOBJECT Put metaobject in database.
CODB_PUT_OBJECT Put object in database.
COL() Return the screen cursor column position
COLORSELECT() Activate attribute in current color settings
COM_COUNT() Counts the number of characters in the input buffer.
COM_DTR() Queries/sets the Data Terminal Ready (DTR) status.
COM_FLUSH() Clears the receiving buffer.
COM_HARD() Turns the hardware handshake (automatic CTS) on/off.
COM_INIT() Initializes the port parameters.
COM_NUM() Return the number of the highest available serial interface port
COM_OPEN() Opens the port and initializes the buffer
COMPILEFILE() Compile file.
COMPILESTRING() Compile string.
COM_READ() Reads characters from the receiving buffer.
COM_RTS() Queries/sets the RTS status.
COM_SEND() Transmits data.
COM_SFLUSH() Flush sending buffer.
COM_SOFT() Queries or sets the software handshake (automatic XON/XOFF).
COM_TIMEOUT() Set timeout for all operations in 1/10 seconds.
CSCOUNT() Returns the number specified chars into source string.
CTOD() Convert a date string to a date value
CURDIR() Return the current DOS directory
DATE() Return the system date as a date value
DAY() Return the day of the month as a numeric value
DBAPPEND() Append a new record to the database open in the current work area
DBCLEARFILTER() Clear a filter condition
DBCLEARINDEX() Close all indexes for the current work area
DBCLEARRELATION() Clear active relations
DBCLOSEALL() Close all occupied work areas
DBCLOSEAREA() Close a work area
DBCOMMIT() Flush pending updates
DBCOMMITALL() Flush pending updates in all work areas
DBCREATE() Create a database file from a database structure array
DBCREATEINDEX() Create an index file
DBDELETE() Mark a record for deletion
DBEDIT() Browse records in a table layout
DBEVAL() Evaluate a code block for each record matching a scope and condition
DBF() Return current alias name
DBFILTER() Return the current filter expression as a character string
DBGOBOTTOM() Move to the last logical record
DBGOTO() Position record pointer to a specific identity