A2EDIT() Browse 2D array in a table layout
AADD() Add a new element to the end of an array
ABS() Return the absolute value of a numeric expression
ACHOICE() Execute a pop-up menu
ACLONE() Duplicate a nested or multidimensional array
ACOPY() Copy elements from one array to another
ADDSLASHES() Returns string with slashes (\).
ADEL() Delete an array element
ADIR() Fill a series of arrays with directory information
AEVAL() Execute a code block for each element in an array
AFIELDS() Fill arrays with the structure of the current database file
AFILL() Fill an array with a specified value
AINS() Insert a NIL element into an array
ALERT() Display a simple modal dialog box
ALIAS() Return a specified work area alias
ALLTRIM() Remove leading and trailing spaces from a character string
ARRAY() Create an uninitialized array of specified length
ASC() Convert a character to its ASCII value
ASCAN() Scan an array
ASIZE() Grow or shrink an array
ASORT() Sort an array
AT() Return the position of a substring within a character string
ATAIL() Return the highest numbered element of an array
BETWEEN() Check value.
BIN2I() Convert a 16-bit signed integer to a numeric value
BIN2L() Convert a 32-bit signed integer to a numeric value
BIN2W() Convert a 16-bit unsigned integer to a numeric value
BOF() Determine when beginning of file is encountered
BROWSE() Browse records within a window
BUNZIP2() Uncompress string with BZIP2 alghoritm.
BZIP2() Compress string with bZIP2 alghoritm.
BZIP2CLOSE() Close bZIP2 file.
BZIP2OPEN() Open bZip2 file.
BZIP2READ() Read data from bZIP2 file.
BZIP2WRITE() Write data to bZIP2 file.
CDOW() Convert a date value to a character day of the week
CHR() Convert an ASCII code to a character value
CLIP() Evaluate function.
_CLIP_PARND() Retrieve a numeric parameter as a double.
_CLIP_PARNI() Retrieve a numeric parameter as an integer.
_CLIP_PARNL() Retrieve a numeric parameter as a long.
_CLIP_RETND() Post a numeric return value using a double type.
_CLIP_RETNI() Post a numeric return value using an int type.
_CLIP_RETNL() Post a numeric return value using a long type.
CMONTH() Convert a date to a character month name
CODB_CLOSE Disconnect from CODB databases.
CODB_CONNECT Connect to CODB databases.