I. CLIP Classes

Table of Contents
Class CODBDEPOSITORY --  The essence this CODB class is storehouse of stored objects - objects whouse structure descript into dictionary.
Class CODBDICTIONARY --  The essence this CODB class is storehouse of metadata - objects what keeping specifier other objects of classes: DEPOSIT,EXTENT,ATTR,COUNTER,INDEX,CLASS,TCOLUMN,TVIEW,REPORT,PLUGINS,USER,GROUP
Class CODBFORMATTER --  Class CODBFORMATTER format output for result in codb-query library.
Class CODBIDLIST --  CODB class are destined to select objects by assertion and represenation its in table-navigationy mode.
Class CODBLIST --  CODB Class are destined to control of the list accessibile dictionary. In yours system (computer, local network, VPN, internet) may be many CODB data sourses (in configuration by default 32,000,000 ). CODB it is those class what provide DB supporting with methods description for access to certain CODB. The information keeping into $CLIPROOT/etc/codb.dbf
Class DATETIME --  Class are destined to control of date and time values.
Class FIND -- 
Class HISTORY --  Class are destined to control listing of history.
Class LISTITEM --  Class are destined to control of associated in list data values. For example, it can be list of files.
Class MEDIT --  Class are destined to control multi TEXTEDIT objects.
Class QUEUE --  Class are destined to control queues make from arbitrary data.
Class SORTEDARRAY --  Class are destined to control of sorted data.
Class STACK --  Class are destined to control stack arbitrary data.
Class TEXTEDIT --  Class are destined to manipulating text data - load/save from file/string, insert, delete, manipulation with marked data and clipboard, formated text and more. TEXTEDIT is a base class for function memoedit and class MEDIT.
Class UIBUTTON --  Class of button.
Class UIBUTTONBAR --  Class for panel with buttons. Inherit properties and methods of class UIHBox.
Class UICHECKBOX --  Checkbox class.
Class UICHILDWINDOW --  Class of child window.
Class UICHOICE --  Edit field with choice button. Inherits fields and method from class UIEdit.
Class UICOLOR --  Color class.
Class UICOMBOBOX --  Class of combo box.
Class UIDOCUMENT --  Class for document window. It inherits properties and methods of class UIChildWindow.
Class UIDRIVER -- 
Class UIEDIT --  Class of single line text entry.
Class UIEDITTEXT --  Class for multi-line text editor.
Class UIFONT --  Font class.
Class UIFORM --  Class for manipulate form in XFL format. This format is described is section XFL forms.
Class UIFRAME --  Class of frame.
Class UIGRID --  Class of grid for placement widgets.
Class UIHBOX --  Class of horizontal placement panel.
Class UIIMAGE --  Class of image.
Class UILABEL --  Class of text label.
Class UILAYOUT --  Class of area for placement widgets at fixed positions.
Class UIMAINWINDOW --  Class of main application window. It is inherited from class UIWindow. On main application window close application will be exited.
Class UIMENU --  Class of menu bar.
Class UIMENUCHECKEDITEM --  Class of checked menu item. Object of this class was created by method addChecked() of class UIMenu.
Class UIMENUITEM --  Class of menu item. Object of this class was created by method add() of class UIMenu.
Class UIPOPUPMENU --  Class of popup menu.
Class UIPROGRESSBAR --  Progress indicator class.
Class UIRADIOBUTTON --  Class of radio button.
Class UIRADIOGROUP --  Class of radio buttons group.
Class UISLIDER --  Slider class.
Class UISPLITTER --  Line with two panes arranged vertically or horizontally.
Class UISTATUSBAR --  Class of statusbar.
Class UITABLE --  Class of table (multicolumn list).
Class UITABLEITEM --  Class of table item. Object of this class was created by method addRow() of class UITable.
Class UITIMER --  Timer.
Class UITOOLBAR --  Class of toolbar.
Class UITOOLBUTTON --  Class of menu item. Object of this class was created by method addButton() of class UIToolBar.
Class UITREE --  Class of hierarchical multi-column lists (tree view).
Class UITREEITEM --  Class of tree node. Object of this class was created by method addNode() of class UITree.
Class UIVBOX --  Class of vertical widget placement panel.
Class UIWINDOW --  Class of separate window.
Class UIWORKSPACE --  Class of application instance.
Class XMLTAG --  Class of XML tag. This class is used in XML parsing.
Class XMLTREE --  Class of XML DOM tree. This class is used for manipulate XML DOM tree.