Chapter 2. Clipper compatible compiler

Preprocessor. Fully compatible with CA-Clipper with some new possibilities.

Compiler. slight incompability with CA-Clipper, which may be resolved easily, using the "search and replace" method. In addition it can compile to C program, byte-code, dynamic library and mixed C+byte-code.

Very fast and efficient OO-model.

Difference from CA-Clipper reveals itself in part of descriptions and making an object, but in part of using the ready objects syntax and logic of functioning is completely the same.
It is possible to write programs on CLIP, without using other syntax excepting OOP.
Initial support syntax from FS,CAVO,FoxPro.

C-API. has much more possibilities than CA-Clipper.

Full international support . Including adjustment on any code page of any language on any keyboard (with stelnet emulator only or on consoles), substitution of string constants during execution and changing a logic of functioning with strings, given for functions alpha, digit, lower, upper, subscripted weight factors etc. Support two-bytes charsets BIG5, GB, may be Korean, Japan too.

GUI, based on GTK. Provides using of all widgets and processing the events

Using of dynamic libraries,. loading and execution of the byte-code from external files ( in run-time, too ).


Multitask support. Builtin simple non-preemptive multitask model

CODB - CLIP Object Data Base. Library and utils for object storehouse


libraries and classes for direct access to SQL-servers (PG,MySql,Oracle,Interbase)
ODBC and ODBC bridge to Windows drivers.
SQL-interpreter and commands, compatible with FoxPro

Other possibilities .

Supported OS'es. Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, SPARC & x86 Solaris, IBM mainframe with TurboLinux, Win32 ( with CYGWIN development tools)

TODO list.